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We know it can be confusing getting a clear answer from accountants about how much their services will cost. Here is a quick summary of our services and the fees we charge.

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Ensure your business complies with government requirements and never miss a deadline again.

We help you to identify any submissions that your business will be required to do and we keep track of any deadlines so we can get your returns submitted on time, every time.


Limited Company Accounts & Corporation Tax return

From £425

As a Limited Company, by law, you are required to file your accounts within 9 months and 1 day after the end of your accounting period.


Company Secretary service

£100 annual fee

As a company, you are required to record minutes of dividends and submit your confirmation statement each year.

Any other changes also need to be documented with Companies House.


Sole Trade Accounts

From £225

In order to calculate your tax bill, we produce your year end accounts. These also help you to see how your business has performed.


Partnership Accounts

From £315

In order to calculate your tax bill, we produce your year end accounts. These also help you to see how your business has performed.


Landlord Accounts including Tax return

From £200

In order to calculate your tax bill, we produce your year end accounts. These also help you to see how your business has performed.


Personal Tax Return

From £100

As a self-employed person, you are required to submit a personal tax return by 31st January each tax year.

A Chartered Accountancy firm like Xoba can save you tax!


Bookkeeping on Xero, QuickBooks or Excel

£1 per transaction or £30ph

Whether your bookkeeping is on Xero, QuickBooks, Excel or otherwise, we can help bring you up to date. We can invoice based on the number of transactions or time spent.


VAT returns

From £60 per return

Ensure you claim all the VAT back that you can. Xoba checks every VAT return, ensuring it is submitted on time and agreed with you beforehand. 

We are fully compliant with MTD.



From £12pm per submission

Whether it’s weekly, monthly, or annual payroll you need, Xoba can help ensure you and your employees pay the right amount of tax.


R&D Claims

15% of any tax savings

Min £300

Reduce your corporation tax bill and in some cases get a tax rebate when you invest in research and development.

Call us to find out if you qualify.


Designed for the proactive business, Xoba’s advisory services are the perfect choice for businesses wanting to grow and plan ahead.


Management Accounts

From £250 per report

At Xoba, we take your financial data from Xero and produce a BEAUTIFUL REPORT for you, so you can see clearly how your business is performing.


Cash flow forecasts

From £200 per report

Planning ahead can be difficult, but for the diligent business, cash flow forecasts are an important necessity. 

Taking out a loan can require one, and you may want one if you are considering a new project.


Business Appraisal

Pricing is negotiable

Starting a new business can be daunting.

Have confidence you are making the right decision to invest, by getting your business appraised by Xoba.


Business overview

From £100 per report

A monthly or quarterly service, similar to management accounts, but more condensed and with a quick turnaround.


Budgeting plan

Pricing negotiable

By analysing your income and expenditure, as well as questioning you about your future plans, we can put together a budget for you which you can track performance against.


KPIs / metrics / sensitivity analysis / scenario planning

Pricing is negotiable

Keep an eye on important Key performance indicators and business metrics with ease. We can create reports on your bookkeeping system or include them in your management accounts. If you need a custom report, we can produce it.


FD Service

A flexible arrangement best suited to your needs. Pricing is negotiable.

Ask our Chartered Accountant James to become your business’ Financial Director, to provide advice and support when needed, and present a professional image to your clients and stakeholders.


Need help registering for a new tax?

Relax and let Xoba handle the registration process for you.


VAT registration


As a business, you may need to register for VAT if your turnover exceeds £85,000.


PAYE registration


If you are employing staff for the first time, you need to ensure you pay tax on their salaries. This means you will have to register for PAYE.


Self Employed Registration


If you have recently started a business, or are thinking about doing so, you must tell HMRC by registering as self-employed. This allows you to then submit your tax return.


Company formation


Registering as a company gives you more protection than trading as a self-employed individual. Register now for just £50.


Corporation Tax registration


As a Limited Company, you must register to pay Corporation Tax each year.

Register with Xoba for just £50.


New to Xero or QuickBooks? Or, just want to make sure you’re using them properly?

Xoba can help you set the system up properly, check your balances, and any integrations. Purchase your subscription through Xoba and you may be eligible for a discount! Xero and QuickBooks are the best bookkeeping apps for small and medium businesses.

There are a plethora of Add-Ons that can integrate with Xero and QuickBooks. Make sure you get the advice you need from CERTIFIED ADVISORS so you can set them up right.

NewLIMITED-TIME OFFER: Get 50% discount on XERO accounts packages by purchasing through Xoba!


Xero - Cashbook

Optional: Setup & Training = £75

Xero cashbook allows you to record all income and expenditure and automatically pull in transactions from your bank.


Xero - Standard

Optional: Setup & Training = £150

The standard subscription allows you to record invoices and bills and connect to your bank accounts. It is the most popular plan.


Xero - Premium

Optional: Setup & Training = £175

The Premium subscription is the perfect solution for established businesses of all sizes, especially those who use multiple currencies.


QuickBooks - Simple Start

From £6pm
Optional: Setup & Training = £75

QuickBooks Simple start allows you to record all income and expenditure and automatically pull in transactions from your bank.


QuickBooks - Essentials

From £10pm
Optional: Setup & Training = £150

QuickBooks Essentials allows you to record all income and expenditure and automatically pull in transactions from your bank. It also has bills & payments functionality and multiple currencies.


QuickBooks - Plus

From £15pm
Optional: Setup & Training = £175

QuickBooks Plus has all the functionality you could need including stock management, time tracking, project tracking, budgeting, and up to 5 users.

***All prices exclude VAT***

How do we invoice for our fees?

Fixed fee agreement

Generally speaking, compliance services and advisory services are invoiced via a fixed fee agreement. This is an agreement to pay us a fixed amount each month for a specified number of months to help spread the cost. Usually, we would invoice over 12 months, these typically being the 12 months in your accounting period. But, if you sign up with us part way through or after the year, we may need to charge you a catch-up fee.

In setting up the fixed fee agreement we will send you a direct debit mandate to sign which allows us to take the monthly payments.

One off costs

For costs such as setup and registrations, bookkeeping and add hoc work, we generally invoice for these upon completion of the work.

We would never invoice you for something you hadn’t already agreed to.


For costs such as Xero fees which are charged monthly by Xero, we may invoice these seperate from the fixed fee agreement.

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