Hiding under a pile of receipts? IT’S TIME TO GET ORGANISED!

Did you know, the word “bookkeeping” is the ONLY English word with three sets of double letters arranged together!

Now more than ever, business owners have less and less time available for bookkeeping. Let’s face it, it distracts from actual business. With the advances in technology, businesses are selling more stuff, at a faster rate every day. That means there’s more and more transactions to account for! And less time to do it.

Without appropriate systems in place and ample time to address it, your bookkeeping can get out of hand and inevitably put on the back burner. We’ve all been there; the receipts build up and so does the apprehension of actually addressing it. And think of all the juicy business insights your missing out on! In the absence of keeping records, you can’t see your gross profit and you don’t know if you’re within budget. You don’t know what will happen to your business 6 months down the line.

Our solution is simple. GET ON XERO. That is, if you’re not on it already. Xero is THE BEST accounting software there is for small to medium sized businesses. FAR BETTER than Sage or QuickBooks – believe me. On Xero you can invoice quicker, reconcile your bank in a flash, scan receipts and even automate debt chasing! It’s truly a beautiful piece of software. But sometimes businesses need a little extra help bringing the bookkeeping up to date.

That’s were we come in. At Xoba, we are Xero specialists. We help our clients by keeping on top of their books on Xero, whenever they need it. We can reconcile your bank account(s), check receivables and payables and we can even set you up with a receipt scanning app so you don’t have to see piles and piles of receipts ever again!


Let’s have a look about what you can get:


  • Send us your bills with EASE – you can snap on your mobile or forward these to your a Hubdoc account where we will process them and publish to Xero ready to be matched up against a corresponding payment. No more fussing with small receipts – it’s all saved there on the cloud!
  • Reconcile your bank account(s) – to make sure your bank feed is pulling in transactions from your bank correctly and your transactions have all been dealt with.
  • Keep on top of your sales ledger – we’ll make sure all those old invoices showing as outstanding are matched up to the correct payments so you can clearly see what owing to you.
  • Expert advice about Xero Add-ons. We can set you up with 3rd party integrations to suit all your accounting needs. We can also work with virtually any system you have in place already.
  • Access to all the additional reporting and services we offer – having a chartered accountant connected to your Xero account is great! If you ever need VAT returns, Tax returns, Financial statements, managements accounts or anything else – we can help!
  • Free Xero advice – we love Xero and we’re here to help. After helping over 300 businesses on Xero, we know our way around it. If you have an unusual situation you need advising on, just let us know.
  • Month end checks – A report at the end of every job we show you where the books are up to. We include a profit and loss report for the period, bank reconciliation report, aged receivables report and aged payables report. We take you through it and make sure you’re happy.
  • A friendly, helpful account manager to oversee all your bookkeeping and be there when you need them.

      Our cloud accounting specialist James, has had a special focus on providing Xero training, support and bookkeeping to over 300 local businesses in the UK.

      With 7 years experience in multiple industries and across various systems, James is able to quickly and reliably gain an understanding of the accounting needs of a business, allowing timely and accurate books to become available for his clients.

      With a background in accounting for Sole traders, Limited companies, Partnerships and Academies, James has a wide range of experience to suit the needs of many small and medium sized businesses.

      Not on Xero yet? We can set you up! Take a look at what Xero has to offer…


      See your business in REAL TIME

      Safe and secure in the CLOUD

      Professional invoices on the go


      Automate collection AND recording of expenses

      Automatic chasing of customer debts

      Pay suppliers at your convenience with a click

       What you get when you chose Xoba…

      1. FAST service
      2. Bank account(s) reconciled up to date
      3. Purchase ledger brought up to date with receipts attached to the transactions
      4. Sales invoices matched up against their payments.
      5. Just snap pictures of receipts or forward them to us to process
      6. Free advice
      7. Month end report
      8. Standard pricing is just £30ph.
      9. Option to pay for results instead – we can arrange to invoice by number of transactions (starting at £1 and decreasing as the number of transactions increases). See our pricing for more details.

      Sign up now and get receipt scanning setup and integration completely free!

      P.s. Don’t leave it too late, otherwise those receipts will keep building up, and you’ll miss out on all the business insights Xero has to offer!

      Call now to GET ORGANISED on Xero.