Go from unorganised MESS, to bookkeeping CHAMPION with “Xero by Xoba”

Did you know, companies which have all of their clients in the cloud attract new ones at five times the rate of those who don’t? They also experience an average year-on-year growth of 15%!

Now more than ever, the importance of cloud applications has never been so clear. With covid restrictions in place for the foreseeable future, many staff need the ability to work remotely, so their business operations aren’t interrupted.

Without a simply, easy to use system, you can end up covered under a mountain of receipts, with a backlog of records that need sorting and recording. Let’s face it, every small business owner has been there, and it’s not a nice position to be in! Failing to keep your records organised and up to date means you miss out on all the important insights into the performance of your business.

But there’s a wonderful solution out there. And it’s called Xero. Xero is the without doubt the best bookkeeping software in the UK for small and medium sized businesses. It’s in the cloud making it easy to access and it comes with a plethora of top notch features to save you time and money. Our “Xero by Xoba” package covers all bases, we transition you on to Xero, offering training and ongoing support and make sure you are left feeling confident and able to handle anything that comes your way.


Our FLEXIBLE “Xero by Xoba” package includes:


  • A xero subscription – the best bookkeeping software in the UK for small and medium sized businesses. Xero helps you to stay on to of your bookkeeping WITH EASE, saving you time and money. There are a number of different subscriptions you could chose from, take a look your options. We can even set you up and offer expert advice one the many Xero integrations available.
  • Help transitioning – whether you’re on another package such as excel, QuickBooks, Sage, or non at all, Xoba can set you up on Xero and make sure all your data is there for you when you start. Opening balances, outstanding invoices, contacts, bank accounts – they’ll all be there for you!
  • Xero training session (on either the desktop version or mobile app) – by the end of it you’ll know all the basis of bookkeeping on Xero. It gives you a chance to ask us any questions you have about the software and to see specific examples relevant to your business, so you know how to deal with them. You’ll also learn BEST PRACTICE and TIPS & TRICKS to help you speed up your bookkeeping.
  • Satisfaction guarantee – that you will be fully satisfied your issues have been resolved, or your money back! We give you the confidence and competence you need to keep up to date, accurate books. Forget about all those long evenings and weekends spend at your desk, receipts all over the place and the books (and your head) in a mess!
  • Ongoing support packages available – your dedicated certified Xero advisor will be on hand to give you help with Xero when you need it. Relax – We’ve got you covered!

    As a chartered accountant, our cloud accounting specialist James, has had a special focus on providing cloud accounting training and support to over 300 local businesses in the UK.

    With 7 years experience in multiple industries and across various systems, James is able to quickly and reliably gain an understanding of the accounting needs of a business, allowing timely and accurate management information to become available, helping to encourage rapid growth in his clients businesses.

    With a background in accounting for Sole traders, Limited companies, Partnerships and Academies, James has a wide range of experience to suit the needs of many small and medium sized businesses.

    Don’t just take my word for it, take a look at how Xero could help streamline your business… 

    See your business in REAL TIME

    Safe and secure in the CLOUD

    Professional invoices on the go


    Automate collection AND recording of expenses

    Automatic chasing of customer debts

    Pay suppliers at your convenience with a click

     Here’s a reminder of what you get with “Xero b Xoba”…

    1. Tailored training to make sure you are confident on Xero.
    2. Satisfaction guarantee – or your money back!
    3. Dedicated Xero advisor – for ongoing support
    4. Receipt scanning – automatically types up your receipts and bills!
    5. Automatic bill retrieval from major suppliers – no need to type up the bill, it’s pulled in automatically from your supplier.
    6. Mobile app – invoice and see bank information and more when you’re out and about.
    7. Integrate with your bank accounts – easily reconcile bank accounts
    8. Professional looking invoicing – we can even help you design the perfect one.
    9. All cloud based – allowing you and your staff to work remotely
    10. Easy, no hassle conversion from your current accounting system
    11. Expert help with Xero integrations such as Approval max, Mailchimp, Capsule, Vend, Dear Inventory and hundreds more.
    12. Automated debt chasing
    13. Professional business insights and reporting features
    14. Pricing starts at just £150 for training and setup for those opting for the standard Xero subscription (or above)
    15. Pricing starts at just £75 for Xero cashbook or ledger subscriptions

    Sign up now and get 10% off!

    Offer guaranteed up to February 2021.

    P.s. According to a recent survey by Xero, small businesses that have adopted cloud accounting see an average year-on-year growth of 15%! Don’t get left behind – call now and get onboard with “Xero by Xoba”.

    Did you know we also offer a Xero bookkeeping service? If you’re already on Xero and need help with Xero – give us a call, our Xero expert James is happy to help!