June 2021 Newsletter

Written by James Fairhurst

James has a background in accounts production, Corporation Tax and VAT for Sole Traders, Partnerships, Limited Companies and Academies. He is able to quickly and reliably gain an understanding of the accounting needs of a business, helping them to stay on top of their deadlines.

June 17, 2021

HMRC delays

As many of our clients will be aware, HMRC has had some significant delays of late relating to the sending out of letters containing authorisation codes. It’s been quite a lengthy process, but we are happy to say the delays appear to have ended and HMRC’s processing times are back to normal. As usual, we keep track of all requirements in house and continue to push HMRC whenever it is required.


Affiliate programme

Within the last couple of months, Xoba’s new affiliate programme has seen a great deal of interest. The affiliate programme offered to bookkeepers and consultants, provides support for their clients, in order to cover their accounting and tax requirements.

Accountants often try to provide all services in house, rather than share with a bookkeeper or another advisor. But in order to attract new clients, we’ve reached out to a variety of advisers, with the intention of complimenting them, rather than working against them.

The scheme really appears to have taken off!

Many businesses have advisers they have trusted for a long time and listen to their recommendations when it comes to finding a new accountant.

Likewise, many advisers value a trustworthy accountant they can refer clients to.

If you know of an adviser who may be interested, please let us know!

This differs from slightly from our client referral scheme, where you can receive 10% commission for recommending a friend to us.

Client feedback

We’ve had some fantastic client feedback of late which has been wonderfully encouraging. Our client base has been growing substantially and steadily, in fact we have clients across the UK now, from a wide range of backgrounds! All the way from start-ups, to large established firms operating internationally.

Word of mouth and positive reviews have been instrumental in seeing this kind of growth and we want to thank everyone for the kind words given on our social media, Yell and Google review pages.

Marketing activities

Here at Xoba, we try to do things a little differently, every now and again.

We’re currently out canvassing locally and taking advantage of the excellent weather. We’ve even created some handmade promotional soaps in the company colours!

The text on the back says:

“Xoba – Chartered Accountants in Preston

Relax and take away the stress of doing your accounts, with the fast, friendly, helpful accountants.”

I must admit, I think I prefer “Protecting you from covid – and HMRC.” – even if it is a little cheesy 😉

What would you have put? Let us know in the comments section below!

Top Tip for saving tax

We’re seeing some beautiful summer weather at the moment, and what better time is there to treat yourself to something special.

If you do, remember you can put certain items through your business.


As long as you are a member of staff (including a director), you can treat yourself to small gifts from the business.

Gifts such as alcohol and food can be tax deductible if purchased by the business. Just don’t go over £50 on individual items, or over £300 in total for each staff member, and make sure its not cash or a voucher.

When recording this on your bookkeeping system, put it to a category called “small gifts” and it will help to reduce your tax bill.

For more info check out our page on How to Save Tax.

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